Demo Dashboard

We just released our brand new dashboard to track your data. It’s the first in a new series of Retail Aware data visualizations. 

Data powered decisions, in real-time

Shopper impressions and engagements are both key drivers of in-store success.
A portion of our demo dashboard displaying in-store impressions and engagements
Measure immediate promotional effectiveness of physical signage, product displays, or digital ads.

Did you know?
Early testing data around interest and attention to new products or new packaging correlates to sales outcomes, velocity, and fill rate.

Customer engagement data empowers decisive action

A portion of our demo dashboard displaying various examples metrics around in-store engagement
Engagement Rate
Is your retail shopper marketing compelling consumers to engage and ultimately purchase? Armed with data, you can take actions to increase these metrics and your sales.

Don’t wait for data
Whether launching a product, placing a display, or A/B testing, Retail Aware can give you immediate feedback. Don't wait 30, 60, 90 days for data that is incomplete, we’ve got your back with data and insights.

Organize your data by date, location, and product

A subset of data options to narrow down our dashboard by date, location, and product

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