BiaaS Platform

Real-time camera-less insights driven by AI and sense. We call this: Business intelligence as a Service;

or, more simply, BiaaS. 
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We work with brands, retailers, and their partners

In-store data and insights

Measure consumer behavior and retail execution in real time. Uncover opportunities to optimize merchandising and drive ROI of trade and field marketing initiatives.

Then, you can access the data through:

  • Retail Aware Web Portal
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Your own tools through our API 
Retail analytics data example for a fortune 500 clothing store

AI and sense technology

Simple, retail friendly sensors that can be attached to any product display or shelf, unlocking performance data.

Our patent pending sensors are the only truly agnostic solution of its class on the market that was designed for retail by retail.

Image showing sensors monitoring products on shelves

How it works

Step 1: Set up sense technology

We will work with you, your retail stores, or your partners to integrate the sensors into your display, shelf, or wherever you want to measure data.

Step 2: Power Up

Plug our credit-card sized hub into nearby outlet, USB, or Quick Connect Lights. Micro sensors (to detect engagements in a target area) can be either wireless battery powered or wired to the hub.

Step 3: Collect Data

Data streams in real-time to our secure cloud via mobile data (where available) or WIFI.


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