When you need to know demographics of your shoppers, KnowYourShopper™️ is the data product you want.
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When you need to know who is picking up your product, visiting your location, and most likely to turn into a customer, KnowYourShopper is a simple, turn-key solution that helps you answer these questions and more.

Now you can have full view of your store profiles based on location. And, when you combine with Retail Aware BiaaS subscription, you can fully explore the demographic profiles of customers interacting with your product.

Report age, gender, ethnicity, income and more of visitors with. Additionally, as part of your omnichannel strategy you can digitally retarget visitors back to the physical location.

  • No cameras
  • No PII
  • GDPR & CA Privacy Compliant

The KnowYourShopper™️ program is currently in public beta. Contact sales for your FREE 45-day trial. There's no risk, and you can cancel anytime.

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Want more in-store data and insights? 

With our full data package you can measure consumer behavior and retail execution in real time. Uncover opportunities to optimize merchandising and drive ROI of trade and field marketing initiatives.

Then, you can access the data through:

  • Retail Aware Web Portal
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Your own tools through our API 
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