Target 100 to 1 Million by In-Store Geo & Shopper Demographics.

Know Your Shopper (KYS) provides shopper demographics, and geolocation based retargeting data to fuel your advertising. Your stores, your competitors, your target.
"Retail Aware has proved an excellent strategic partner for us as we seek to better understand consumer engagement and dwell time within large retail environments nationwide."

Jake Leeman

Sr. Director, Experiential at MERGE

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Find shoppers by in-store geolocation & income demographics

KYS is a geolocation data and shopper demographic database that you can use to target specific customers at specific stores. Use this data to advertise to shoppers based on demographic indicators and geo, or to bring customers back in-store to buy more of your product. 

Target specific device types around specific locations

KYS will help you discover the specifics about who is buying your product, who wants your product, and how your product sells best. KYS can provide you with shopper demo information from specific locations, as well as location based targeting by pulling mobile ad IDs (unique identifiers that every phone has) from specified physical locations. KYS can provide you with the specific data from that store’s visitors and help you understand your shoppers so you can retarget them and help bring them back to your store (or product) again and again.

Use demographic indicators to narrow your geotargeting

After identifying what demographic your product resonates with, KYS data will help identify which stores that specific demographic shops at. This will help you understand where your customers are shopping and also where your product has even more opportunity to sell. You can also use this data to start targeting new custom audiences with ads or to retarget customers to return to your store. 

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Available Insights:
Common Daytime Locations (CDL) 
Common Evening Locations (CEL) 
Access Unlimited Mobile Ad IDs (MAIDS)
Create Retargeting / Look-a-Like Audiences
Simple Dashboard
24/7 Support
No Setup Fees
No Commitment

Increase your ROI, faster

One time data is not formative. Track continuous data to make smarter decisions

Know your shopper

Discover details on who is engaging with your brand across income, age, phone type, operation system, gender, and ethnicity.

Increase your digital ROI

Understand how your digital ads drive traffic to the store and optimize your spend as you narrow in on effective ads and targeted audiences

Location specific targeting

Retarget your shoppers that have visited your product in stores

Grow your customer base

Create lookalike audiences for your ads based on shoppers that followed the path to purchase from online to in-store

Analyze the competition

Discover shoppers visiting competing or alternate locations to find additional customer segments to target

Connect digital to in-store

Connect digital, mobile, in-store, and location behavior across channels, creating a comprehensive customer view.
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What are clients are saying

Alongside an NPS Score of 100%, here's what one of our top clients had to say:

Jake Leeman

Sr. Director, Experiential at MERGE

Retail Aware has proved an excellent strategic partner for us as we seek to better understand consumer engagement and dwell time within large retail environments nationwide. The service and support Tami (Catron, VP of Business Development) and her team provides is critical in delivering quality analytics that drive real insight into real-time consumer behavior. I would highly recommend Retail Aware; they have really gone the extra mile for us!

Ready to increase your digital advertising ROI?