Product Display Analytics

Powerful advanced analytics on product display performance in-store

Phase 1: The challenge of the measurable ROI value of product displays

Retail brands and display companies spend a lot of money to create eye-catching product displays that make consumers want to purchase more of a given product. The challenge here is that it is difficult to actually measure the monetary impact that those product displays have had on the overall sales performance. In this initial phase, customers explore how advanced analytics and sense technology can be used on their product displays to measure the ROI and to optimize future product displays for higher returns.

The benefits of this phase include:

Exploring a new way to measure product display performance by putting a monetary value to the ROI.
Discovering how advanced analytics can be used to enhance future product displays.

Phase 2: Impressions and dwell time with sense technology

On the second phase, a customer will implement sense technology within their displays in-store to measure shopper impressions and dwell time. A battery-powered motion sensor is attached on the product display and it measures how many shoppers pass by, how long they stay in front of the display and whether they engage with any of the products within the display. The sensor then wirelessly transmits the data to the base station which then uploads the data to the Cloud.

The Benefits of this phase include:

Gathering product display measurements in a fast, efficient manner that does not include the cumbersome approvals and installations of cameras or other devices.
Quick, scalable implementation that sheds light into an area of in-store analytics for the first time.

Phase 3: A dynamic Insights portal

In this final phase, advanced analytics is used to create visualizations for customers so they can see in real-time by store locations how many shoppers are passing in front of their product displays, how long they are staying in front of it and whether they are engaging with any products. With these visualizations, our customers can generate insights regarding how to get more efficient when designing, managing, and executing product displays.

The benefits of this phase include:

Improving return on in-store spend by knowing the monetary value of product displays.

Boosting sales performance by creating product displays that capture shopper interest.

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