Case Study

Navigating retail apparel during a pandemic and beyond

AB Testing
Increased conversion rate based on product location in-store
Engagement Ratio
How many impressions to engagements and overall sales


A popular Fortune 500 apparel company was looking to better understand how shoppers were navigating their stores. Specifically, they were looking to discover how navigation affected conversion.

The company wished to focus on which areas of the store customers were spending most of their time shopping and specifically, how the front, middle, back, and dressing rooms contributed to the rate of conversion. They also sought to take into consideration overall customer interaction in front of specific product zones and the conversion of store footfall to the point of sale (POS) area. They were also interested in the overall total store engagements to POS to total dollars sold.


The Fortune 500 apparel company partnered with Retail Aware to track in-store shopper behavior. Before installing sense technology, the company selected a statistically significant sample size to measure in order to meet their data goals. Retail Aware created store placement guides for the sense tech after working with the client to determine placements based on data collected from the client during the discovery period. The store’s team installed the sense technology in store based on their recommendation using the Retail Aware install app. Once set up, the store was ready to stream data to their API in real-time to learn how customers were shopping their store.


Using Retail Aware’s dashboard and insights, the client reviewed the data collected and was able to shift gears to meet business goals. The data led to:

  • Better understanding of where in-store POP should be deployed for maximum return

  • Ability to measure conversion percentages from different areas of the store
  • Able to determine which areas were being shopped most and how long shoppers were spending in those areas.
  • Ability to measure POS totals against the total number of in-store engagements.

Apparel in a post covid world is a difficult place to navigate and this client has re-upped their data subscription to continue to use the insights gained to navigate.

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