Case Study

Location, location, location, matters just as much in-store

250% Growth
Based on sales lift, leveraged store expansion from 9 states to over 27
AB Test
Learned where in-store placement
When to run ads to see greatest sales lift
Product expansion
Grew from one to four products


Our client, a consumer packaged good (CPG) company, was looking to increase sales and expand their inventory in several major grocery store chains nationwide.

Competition for space in grocery stores is fierce and they needed to significantly increase sales to make a more compelling case for this expansion. They also had hopes of expanding their product line beyond their core product.

When brands deliver their products to stores, they don’t always know the best in-store location for their product.  Hoping to expand their reach and sales, this CPG turned to Retail Aware.


The CPG company partnered with Retail Aware to test multiple data points to improve their sales. Retail Aware helped to test messaging in an effort to increase impressions and engagement around their in-store product display.

Retail Aware A/B tested in-store locations and was able to determine that the product’s highest engagement location. Additionally the most active time frame was between the late afternoon and early evening hours, specifically 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. This data point indicated to the CPG that customers were purchasing their product for same-day consumption which was actionable data.


  • Increased sales by over 250%, and went from one product to four products.
  • Learned when and why their product was being consumed which informed the product’s future packaging design, product placement, and types of conversations their sales team had with retail buyers looking to carry the product on their shelves.
  • Used in-store data to launch successfully into other grocery store chains ahead of their competitors from grocery stores in 9 states to over 27 states (and counting).

As their VP of Sales said

“The data we gathered with the help of Retail Aware became the foundation for our new in-store program.”

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Case Study

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