Case Study

High ABV Low Execution

Identifying display execution
Engagement Rate
Out of three shelves, which one had the highest engagement
Stock outs
Based on low engagement restocked displays


When spending a quarter million dollars to test several new displays before a nationwide rollout, data points on execution, impressions, engagements, and overall effectiveness of the display to convert a shopper to a customer are not a nice-to-have, they are a must have.

An international liquor brand [used] our data to help measure how well the new display performed and make adjustments before rolling it out nationwide. This proposed display program would be a heavy lift and elaborate, but had the potential to pay off large dividends.

The displays were tapping into the trend of home cocktails and included liquor, mixers, and tools to make your own cocktails at home. Would this significant investment be worth it?


the plan was to test 35 displays at independent liquor stores in Texas. We added sense data points throughout the displays to measure impressions and engagements across products, shelves, and area of shelf. Display signage was designed to A/B test while measuring data points.

Depending on the success of the displays we also planned a rollout of our lift and learn solution to trigger digital screens on product interaction.


This test resulted in insights that empowered decisions, all backed by data. With these data points we helped our client make a decision to pull back on this display before spending millions of dollars to roll it out nationwide. Here are some of those insights:

  • Identify when a display was executed based on data coming through our sense devices and proactively reach out to stores that had not set up display
  • Understand engagement rate of the three shelves on the display
  • Based on shelf engagement data, moved the highest turn product to the top shelf where the most engagement
  • Tracked stock outs through low to zero engagement rates that were validated with in person check-in
  • Track engagements as a sales metric

A happy ending: The Trade Marketing Director, leading the initiative told us that it was worth it to spend the investment up front compiled with our data to learn that they needed to redesign the display to improve execution rate.

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