Case Study

A diamond might be forever, but consumer preferences are not

Traffic Count
Setting a new baseline for in-store visits
Engagement Ratio
Testing what displays, products, and campaigns get impressions and engagements in-store


One of the world’s largest diamond purveyors sought out to leverage its retail presence to gain deeper insights into core shopper’s behavior by measuring the impact of in-store campaigns, store activities, layouts, and sales presentations. It’s a high stakes game given that a single display can cost $10’s of thousands of dollars; with stores designed to limit foot traffic to add to exclusivity, every shopper touchpoint is critical.

The only quantitative data available through the company’s owned stores were manual door counts and sales figures. This made it difficult to make decisions around the changing landscape of luxury jewelry purchasing.


Retail Aware mapped display case engagement, activity in sales presentation areas, and automated door counts using a combination of our award-winning, proprietary motion and contact sense devices.

The solution also included participation in KnowYourShopper beta. This provides demographic profiles based on shoppers who walked in store, or, at any specific geolocation, to use for digital retargeting.

An initial rollout was completed in New York and Miami, with Retail Aware facilitating turn-key installation in each company owned store location. Custom visualizations were created to aid the company’s store team in pulling strong, actionable insights from the dataset.


  • Building a baseline of “new normal” for store traffic as they continuously adapt to unprecedented shifts in shopper behavior due to covid.
  • Reactivating shoppers through online targeting using KnowYourShopper to develop digital lookalike audiences based on historical location data.
  • Track customer movement throughout store to measure engagement with specific displays, products,  campaigns, and in-store activities.

This case is not closed, as our work continues and mission critical insights are uncovered to aid in strategic objectives moving forward

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