Retail’s Next Big Deal: In-Store Shopper Behavior Data

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Picture this:

You’re a coach and you’re prepping your team for a game against your biggest rival. You have your lineup and your stats, but you don’t have the footage of what happened on the field or court during previous competitions. That’s right -- the actual game tapes are missing -- you can’t watch them. 

That means you can’t tell if you won because of a fluke or a perfectly executed play. You can’t know if you lost because the officials blew a call or your rival found their groove.  All you know is where you started and the end result. The middle is missing. How could you ever hope to improve?

This is how retail works today. 

The Status Quo

Brands spend millions of dollars developing products, creating ads and displays, and sending out reps to get their products into stores and in front of customers. After a marketing push, all they can do is cross their fingers and wait until the receipts come in. 

As for retail stores, in-store locations can run promotions, try new store layouts, or set up eye-catching displays, but they really have no idea if something worked until they check their numbers at the end of the week, month, or year.

Just like a coach who can’t watch the game, they’re missing the middle piece. They are flying blind when it comes to in-store shopper behavior and passing up a huge opportunity to improve conversion. 

The Black Box

The status quo in retail is to try things and hope they work. It’s a black box where you put in money, time, and effort and hope for something good to come out. 

Displays can be created, but how do you know if they’re being used most effectively? If your product is a hit, when will you find out? After net-30, -60, or even -90? That’s far too late to take advantage of a wave of opportunity. Do people love the new layout, or are they simply tolerating it? Even something as simple as a promotion -- are customers only coming in for the discounted item, or do they linger, browse, and end up adding more to their carts? 

Until recently, there hasn’t been an accurate way to track in-store shopper behavoir. POS data only reveals a sliver of what happens in-store, and always after the fact, like stats at the end of a game. If you’re a coach and you want your team to improve, you need to watch the game. If you’re a retailer and you want a greater ROI, you need to smash open the black box and learn from in-store shopper behavior, and that’s where Retail Aware steps in.

The Future of Retail

Retail Aware takes the blinders off and allows you to see the real way shoppers interact with your products. Without expensive camera systems, increasing headcounts for audits, or any modifications to shelf, fixtures, or product, Retail Aware helps brands, retailers, and their partners track in-store shopper behavior data in real-time. 

By providing robust in-store shopper behavior data through metrics like audience count, traffic, dwell time, and interactions, you can learn what your shoppers want like never before and meet their needs better than ever. 

In addition, Retail Aware provides the tools to monitor shopper journey, attribution, execution, AB testing, and activity heat mapping to ensure the store itself is being maximally optimized and your in-store dollars are working as hard as you are.

With award-winning, cutting edge retail store technology that helps brands grow faster, smarter, Retail Aware is here to offer businesses insights they never had before and guide them into the future of retail.

Game On

Retail Aware is doing away with retail’s black box by tracking in-store shopper behavior data and filling in the missing middle piece. By collecting this data, we can overlay digital analytics and POS data in real-time to create a more holistic picture of your shopper journey to increase ROI for brands, retailers, and their partners. In other words, we’re letting the coach finally watch the game. 

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